Andrés Medina

Short bio

Andrés Medina (Madrid, 1978)
Works as graphic designer, art director and photographer. He had studied HND Multimedia and Design in ESI, in Madrid.
He has been worked in advertisement agencies and he has a broad experience in publishing design.
As photographer, his works has been shown in exhibitions, specialized reviews and magazines or can be purchased in international galleries.

Individual exhibitions:
‘La Corteza de la Noche’, Centro Cultural Margarita Nelken. Coslada, Madrid. Spain 2011.
‘Río’, Eurostars Zarzuela Park. Madrid. Spain 2012.

Collective exhibitions:
‘Livres. Fotolibros autoeditados’, Dispara Gallery & Books. Pontevedra, Spain 2013.
‘Rock Your Dummy! Show + Awards’, Le PhotoBookFest 2013. Paris, France 2013.
‘Photobook Show’, 72 Gallery, Tokyo Institute of Photography. Tokyo, Japan 2014.
‘Fanzinismo. Fotografía + grapas’, Blankpaper, PhotoEspaña 2014. Madrid, Spain 2014.
‘Super Epic Yurt Party’ Sunday Mornings at the River & I Wait Here. Sprang-Capelle, Holland 2014.
‘Zines of the Zone’. Itinerant exhibition around Europe, 2014.
‘The PhotoBook Exhibition’. 2015 Athens Photo Festival, Greece 2015.
‘Artbook’. Embarrat Festival de Creación Contemporánea, Spain 2015.
‘Ping Pong: 30 Young photobooks vs. 30 Classics’. Festival “Rencontres du 10e” curated by Maria Inc. Paris, France 2015.

Reviews & Photographic Magazines:
Yorokobu, Der Greif Magazine, Phases Magazine, Tepšic Magazine and Plateform Magazine.

He won Capture internacional photo-contest (Opengap, Madrid) 2011.

Works available in:
52 Editions Gallery (U.S.A), and Wallflowers Gallery (Rusia).

His work in photobooks deals with a wide range of subjets: self publishing, edition-publishing curator, blogger or being published by others.

So, in 2009 he created Seeking Magazine, a blog showed contemporary photography projects and intereviews with autors.

In 2010 he made the curatorship, editing and publishing of ‘Here Comes The Night’, a photobook of nocturne photography, showed selected works of authors from diferent countries.

The Velvet Cell Books published in 2011 a limited edition photobook of his series ‘Nêbula’.

In 2013 he self-published a fanzine ‘Tránsito’, quickly sold out after three editions. This work has been finalist too in Rock Your Dummy! Show & Awards within Le PhotoBookFest 2013.

He collaborates as guest blogger in 2014 with the german photomagazine Der Greif Magazine.

His last published work from now (2014) is ‘L’autre Paris’. This photobook has been selected in the Athens Photo Festival 2015 photobook’s exhibition and also has been selected by Artbook exhibition in Embarrat Festival de Creación Contemporánea 2015.