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“This book talks about walking, moving slowly, through the landscape, like a river. This book questions about who we are in the world, and of an ancient need, of a sense of belonging, of reunion with our true essence, nature.”
Steve Bisson

“Andrés operates on a deep meditational level as he meanders through Spanish river valleys and watersheds. The color palette and compositions land me right in his footsteps for long, quiet pause and intake of each honed detail and scene. He understands tonality, working his introspection and outlook with both a muted palette and vivid one, introducing the landscape as only a poet can visually present. Opening the book, the viewer is instantly rewarded with Bashô’s poem ‘The Narrow Road to the Deep North’, leading them onward and in. A fine travel ensues.”
Michael Ast

1st Edition, 2017
150 copies (hand-numbered)
20 x 31,5 cm
48 pages
Softcover package (Sewn singer binding)
ISBN: 978-88-942794-1-2


A gloomy and sharp glance at the French Capital. The city are shrouded in an irrational atmosphere, where sometimes the irony, the grotesque, the delicate and the bizarre are tangled up.
The disturbing visual route shows us the perturbing side of some of the most popular corners in Paris. Thus, unexpected situations are revealed, changing the everyday into something unique and inviting to guess what will happen or what has already happened.

Una visión oscura y penetrante de la capital francesa. La ciudad aparece envuelta por una atmósfera irracional, donde conviven la ironía, lo grotesco, lo frágil y lo excéntrico.
Un itinerario visual inquietante, que muestra el lado perturbador de algunos de los rincones más conocidos de París. Se revelan situaciones inesperadas, transformando lo cotidiano en algo único, invitando a imaginar lo que va suceder o lo que ya ha sucedido.

Artist book
Handmade folded
Black & white digital print, HP Indigo
13 black & white photographs
Limited edition of 100
December 2014

L’AUTRE PARIS from Andres Medina on Vimeo.


Its main purpose is to reflect a vital anxienty, a metaphor of the personal journey searching for the sense of one-self life. Across the wilderness, this inner trip is marked out with the unexpected, the cruelty, the beauty, the organic as well as the artificial. There is a deep fight trying to understand the absurdity of the human being and still keep on moving forward.

El tema principal abarca toda una inquietud vital que se ve reflejada en la metáfora del viaje y la búsqueda de uno mismo. A través de un territorio salvaje, se suceden encuentros con lo inesperado, lo cruel, lo bello, lo orgánico y lo artificial. Existe una lucha interior para conseguir avanzar y entender el absurdo de lo humano.

16 pages + 4 pages (1 insert laser polyester) 21 x 29,7 cm
17 color & black and white photographs
Print: Digital laser print
Binding: Folded and hand sewed
Type of paper: Offset paper 80 g/m2
First edition: 10 copies (sold out) Published to celebrate the first anniversary of PhotoBook Club Madrid
Second edition: 15 copies (sold out)
Third edition: Limited to 75 hand numbered and signed copies. Special edition with print 24×18 cm (10 copies)

Andrés Medina # TRÁNSITO from paper is beauty on Vimeo.

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Selected from featured photobooks for Rock Your Dummy! Show + Awards at Le PhotoBookFest 2013.

This publication is involved in:
Colección de Fotolibros del Centro de Documentación y Biblioteca Museo de Arte Reina Sofía. Madrid. Spain.
Zines of the Zone active & mobile library, France.
Booklet Library collection, Japan.
Fanzinismo: Fotografía + grapas itinerant exhibition, Spain.

Urbanautica by Steve Bisson.
Who needs another photo blog by Christer Ek.
The Independent Photo Book.
The Angry Bat’s.

This is an emotional work, and in a way romantic as well, a way of seeing desolate landscapes populated by the mist. Places located halfway between the city and its periphery, blank spaces with an absolute absence of human presence, but full of memories for me, as an attempt to question my musings.

Artist book
12 pages, 11 color photographs + poster A3. 10 x 10,5 cm (approx.)

Print: Digital laser print by La Jirafa
Binding: Folded from an A3 sheet
Type of paper: Cyclus Preprint paper 90 g/m2
Author’s proof: Published for the open call #A3facto of PhotoBook Club Madrid. June 2013.
Edition size: Limited edition of 30 copies, hand numbered and signed + 5 P.A.
Publication date: November 2013.

‘Nebûla’ has been selected to be shown at Photobook Show, 72Gallery, Tokyo Institute of Photography – Tokyo. 26 March – 13 April 2014.

This publication is involved in:
Colección de Fotolibros del Centro de Documentación y Biblioteca Museo de Arte Reina Sofía. Madrid. Spain.

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“Nebûla”, Andrés Medina from PhotoBook Club Madrid on Vimeo.